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Chickiboom is two guys crafting cigar box instruments in their garages in Portland Oregon.

Our instruments are built by hand, by us. We don't shop it out overseas. We cut, glue, stain, screw, and occasionally bludgeon our instruments.

We currently make:

We love to make custom instruments... Need a CBG mandolin? A CBG banjo? We'd love to do it!

Please take a look at what we do, and contact us if you're interested. Please support our garage built nature, our esprit de DIY, our authenticity as homebrew builders; buy our guitars! :D

It's a picture of Sony.

Sony has a long history with art and music, not to mention audio and visual media production. He runs a small boutique studio ("Chickiboom Productions") and really started Chickiboom. He does most of the wheeling and dealing in the background, does the books, and generally all the stuff Tony is really quite terrible at. :D

This little bio barely scratches the surface... go check him out in his own words here.

This picture was when he was trying to do some routing on a prototype, and managed to almost take his thumb off...

It's a picture of Tony.

Hi. I'm Tony. :D I like building things. I build Cigar Box Instruments, Tiny Houses, CNC machines, and whatever strikes my fancy at the moment really. I find it incredibly empowering to need something, and just craft it.

I'm kind of addicted to smiley faces. :) I'm usually whistling something too....

I live in a Tiny House Co-op in Portland, near the Alberta area. I love living with a community of people. I find it satisfies my primate need for connection.

It's a picture of The Machine.

I'm The Machine. I cut the bolt slots for the necks. I'm the seventh generation of Machine. I'm a little rough still. I'm pretty sure Tony is going to cannabalize me for parts for the next Machine. :(

Still, I can drive to a spot, drive away, and drive back within half of a millimeter with ease. I'm pretty awesome. Without me, Sony and Tony would be cutting the nut and bridge slots by hand, and they'd have to recalculate the fret spacings for each neck. Ew!!!

I'm driven from a $40 driver board from Ebay, about $150 in motors, skate bearings, lots of bolts, and some 3/4" MDF.

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